Sunday, September 28, 2008

Something I Wrote This Morning

I Am Muslim

I'm Muslim in the morning
I'm Muslim in the evening
I'm Muslim late at night

I'm Muslim when it rains
I'm Muslim when it snows
I'm Muslim when the sun shines bright

I'm a Ramadan Muslim
I'm an Eid Muslim
I'm a looking at the clock praying 5 times a day Muslim

I'm a striving Muslim
I'm a seeking Muslim
I'm a learning something everyday Muslim

I'm Muslim when I'm happy
I'm Muslim when I'm sad
I'm Muslim when things don't feel so right

I'm Muslim when I'm smiling
I'm Muslim when I'm crying
I'm Muslim with hijab in every one's sight

I'm a faithful Muslim
I'm a grateful Muslim
I'm a five pillar believing Muslim

I'm the mother of a Muslim
I'm the wife of a Muslim
I'm a making dua to be a Jannah Muslim

I'm a loving Muslim
I'm a caring Muslim
Thank You Allah for making me Muslim


Bosnian hijab girl said...


xeila said...

Masha'Allah, cuute! :)

muslimahh said...

Daaaang girl!!! I thought you said you couldn't write!! That was really sweet mashallah!!

Bywater Hijabi said...

thank you sisters :)

xeila said...

Sista, where you at? :)