Friday, September 19, 2008

Staying Positive

Yesterday was good. We read Quran after Fajr then got dressed and left. We went handle our business and InshaAllah, Allah will bless my husband soon with a good job :) After durhr, we went grocery shopping, should have done that LOL. We spent over 2 hundred dollars and we were only going for fish LOL. Anyway, today I slept a lot again, but it's good because I do all my house work at night anyway. I plan on making spaghetti and potato salad tonight, InshaAllah. We had noodles this morning for suhoor and my husband was hungry after fajr so hopefully the spaghetti will be better for him :) This weekend, InshaAllah, I hope will be good. I don't have anything planned but hopefully something will come up.

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