Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just A Idea, Please Help

Well, this is probably just a crazy idea, but hey, you never know what can happen.
I know that there are like billions of people who blog so I was like maybe someone can help me. I'm from Louisiana. My father is from Puerto Rico. I've meet him twice. I have some kinda contact with him, I talk to him sometimes, when I can, on the phone. Well, when my mother and father were together, he was actually here working. He actually had a family back in Puerto Rico. Who knows if my mother knew or not, I have no clue, Allah knows best. But after I was born, he took off. He visited once, MAYBE twice, so long ago I don't even remember. The thing is, his wife supposedly is very mean. Of course I can't call his house, I have to call his sisters to have her tell him to call me. I'm like, come one now lady(step-mom haha, that's funny to say) I'm grown now, I don't want anyhing from him but conversation. My mother has nothing to do with this, I'm his child and I want to know them, you know. Well anyways, I believe I have 3 sisters there. I don't know if they know about me. I want to know them sooooooooooo bad. Every time I'm ready to ask if they know about me, something else comes up. I was told in the past that one might be named Jenny, she supposedly lives in New York and has twin girls... then there is one named Wilma I think. My father's name is Rafael Gomez. I'm not sure but I think that he lives in Guanica. Puerto Rico isn't that big so maybe someone might know who I am talking about. If anyone knows them or can help me, please please let me know, InshaAllah. I would love to meet my family :)


Salaam my fellow bloggers!! It's seems so long since I have written, I don't even know what to talk about!
Well, first off, I'll be 23 next week, InshaAllah, and my middle child, Jamilah, will be 2 on the 23, InshaAllah. She has already started with her 'terrible twos'. It's something when they are at this age, they test you and test you to see how far they can go, right? Most of the time when she does it is when I'm busy with the baby and she knows that I can't just jump up you know. InshaAllah she'll get through this little stage quick. :)
My oldest, Jayda, is at the best age!!!! She's smart, understands just about everything you explain to her, she says the funniest things, she's a great helper, she's just such a big girl :)
As for the little baby, she is now 4 months, Alhamdulilah. She is a little potato, just like Jayda was. She is rolling all over the place. And she doesn't like laying down, or sitting half the time, she wants you to stand her up for her to be able to see everything. She's growing so fast.
My husband had been out of work recently, he's drives trucks and his truck had been in the shop, well today he went to work, he drove someone else's truck and his friend went get his truck out the shop so InshaAllah, he'll be rolling to work everyday now! I can't wait! I'll definitely miss him but we need that little time apart you know, we had been starting to get on each others nerves LOL.
Oh, remember the girl upstairs I wrote about a little while ago?? Well last night around 10, I heard banging and stuff like on our ceiling. I just figured they might have dropped something or was moving something. Well, about a minute later it started again and there she went, SCREAMING again. I was like what am i suppose to do?!?!? Good thing my girls were sleeping in my room cause I don't know what they would have done hearing something crazy like that while they were playing in their room. Well, I ran in their room to see if I could hear the girl crying for help, I was ready to call the police, hate to hear a women like that ya know. Well, I heard her boyfriend say she had did something for no reason like hit him or something. He was like 'you wanna fight, you wanna fight?' He then said he was going to choke the **** out of her. By that time I was on the phone with my husband and he was about to come home and go tell them something, then everything stopped and I hear footsteps walking out of the room. So, that was the end of that. But what is really going on with these people? To me, I think if they have problems like that, they need to seek some help or maybe just separate. I think it's just disrespectful to us knowing we have little babies down here, and next door, and they know we can hear EVERYTHING. I mean, what are people suppose to think hearing a women scream like that? What do you think I should do? I thought about telling her if she ever needs help to knock on her floor or something but when I seen her and tried to speak to her, she held her head low and only said a little short 'hi'. My husband said it's probably because she knows we heard her getting beat. But still, she might need someone to talk to or she might need some help. I was thinking, maybe like none of her friends know, and we are the only ones that know they fight like that and she really needs help. How should I approach her? or should I even? I know I was in distress once before I used to wish someone would just knock on the door, ya know?
Anyways, I can't wait to spend my husband's money! InshaAllah, by December we'll be caught up and he'll let me go shopping!!!
Well, guess I'll go for now. InshaAllah, I'll be better with my posting :)