Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What A Night

Well first of, here in the N.O., the police HATE my husband, they are constantly stopping him for no reason at all and harassing him, at least twice a month. Well, thursday, he was in front of the masjid he frequently goes to, with two other brothers, and all of a sudden some police jumped out on them. The police harassed them and cuffed them and took them to jail. One of the brothers' uncles holds like a high position in New Orleans so when they were at central lockup he called his uncle. His uncle went down there and got them out and told the police officer about his self for doing what he did for no reason. Well, last night, my husband and the other brothers were standing outside the masjid again, and the police kept passing by them. My husband said he tried to time it to leave at the right time and hopefully they wouldn't stop him. Well, as soon as he left, the police pulled him over. They slammed him on the car and put him in hand cuffs. Called other police to come and they all harassed him and told him he doesn't know who he is messing with. They took down his information and made him stand out there for hours in handcuffs getting ate by mosquitoes and our car was running. They told him next time they gonna put something on him.?! What kind of 'protect and serve' is this? What you hear about police in New Orleans is true, they crooked and dirty.


muslimahh said...

I understand politics being corrupt but police? Come on now. Its ridiculous. New Orleans is a mess for real.

xeila said...

Wow.. That's awful. It's sad when the people who are supposed to make us feel safe, make us feel terrorised and fearful.