Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just A Idea, Please Help

Well, this is probably just a crazy idea, but hey, you never know what can happen.
I know that there are like billions of people who blog so I was like maybe someone can help me. I'm from Louisiana. My father is from Puerto Rico. I've meet him twice. I have some kinda contact with him, I talk to him sometimes, when I can, on the phone. Well, when my mother and father were together, he was actually here working. He actually had a family back in Puerto Rico. Who knows if my mother knew or not, I have no clue, Allah knows best. But after I was born, he took off. He visited once, MAYBE twice, so long ago I don't even remember. The thing is, his wife supposedly is very mean. Of course I can't call his house, I have to call his sisters to have her tell him to call me. I'm like, come one now lady(step-mom haha, that's funny to say) I'm grown now, I don't want anyhing from him but conversation. My mother has nothing to do with this, I'm his child and I want to know them, you know. Well anyways, I believe I have 3 sisters there. I don't know if they know about me. I want to know them sooooooooooo bad. Every time I'm ready to ask if they know about me, something else comes up. I was told in the past that one might be named Jenny, she supposedly lives in New York and has twin girls... then there is one named Wilma I think. My father's name is Rafael Gomez. I'm not sure but I think that he lives in Guanica. Puerto Rico isn't that big so maybe someone might know who I am talking about. If anyone knows them or can help me, please please let me know, InshaAllah. I would love to meet my family :)


A Happy Hijabi said...

I'm puertorican too :)well both of my parents are from there, and myself included :)

-A Happy hijabi

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum sister,
I am a muslim sister from Albania. Here, the pressure on hijab is very big. How is it in the US? I see from your profile that you hope to work on the medical field one day.
I've been graduated in Medicine, do you think it is possible for me to work as a hijabi doctor there? Do you know any hijabi doctor? please contact me at Jazakallah Hajren